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Do, 24 April 2014 09:18:24 +0200
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You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

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Mi, 23 April 2014 23:11:16 +0200
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People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.

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Mi, 23 April 2014 22:35:33 +0200
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I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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Mi, 23 April 2014 11:17:30 +0200
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If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

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Mi, 23 April 2014 07:13:08 +0200
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A good sermon should be like a woman's skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials.

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Mi, 23 April 2014 00:01:17 +0200
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Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.

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Di, 22 April 2014 13:44:13 +0200
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If you are going through hell, keep going.

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Di, 22 April 2014 11:47:26 +0200
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Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

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Di, 22 April 2014 01:14:09 +0200
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He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.

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Mo, 21 April 2014 14:49:54 +0200
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The bedroom is very important location in house for every person, even when we think that it is not important how it looks. It is the space where we take a rest after the hard time of work. A bedroom is a place that must give us also a cool joy, because we can relax there and give the rest to our bodies, which it certainly deserves. That is why it is very significant to decorate a sleep room, in the way that we should feel very good. As a pretty ornament for sleep rooms we offer wall murals, which you can buy in our shop. However, when you are interested in picture wall murals, then you're in the right space, because in our shop you will purchase the beautiful wall murals for each room.


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